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Aguard is a brand developed by Living Paradise. It generally handles infant safety products.

Foam Corner Protector

 Lessens the shock, when bumped on a corner

A double-sided tape attached to the corner of furniture in order to prevent accidents
Prevents children being hurt from bumping into a corner
Length 400 ~ 3000mm, width 7mm~18mm,
Color: red, blue, yellow, wood, brown, black, green, sky-blue, pick, gray, tree-texture-light, tree-texture dark

Corner Protector

A tape-cushion attached to the corner of furniture in order to prevent accidents
Separated to long –corner- type and sharp- corner –type, there are various products available just as foam –type.

Playroom Mattress

Prevents children from being hurt from falling down while running around at home.
Reduces the noise effectively for an apartment –in habitant and a large family household.
Bee-hive mattress, folded 4 times (PU material): red, yellow, blue, green.

Bee-hive mattress, folded 4 times (PU material): red, yellow, blue, green, orange.
Hutos happy picnic (eco-friendly PVC)
Hutos bling bling English village (eco-friendly PVC)
Color wave mattress: brown, reddish brown, ivory, yellow


A devise using double-sided tape in order to hold the locker or cabinet in fixed position.
Prevents children from being hurt by taking out things that may be dangerous or by shutting the door while placing their hand between the lockers.
There are 20~30 different types of various products available including double-side door type, side-type, refrigerator locker, sink locker.

Door closing preventer

  • Door cushion-type: attaching a soft material on the door so that the door not be closed completely, preventing children from accident of being stuck between.
  • Doorstop-type: placing the material on a small gap under the door so it not be closed.
  • Door gap cover: prevents children from accident behind the door by place protector on a hinge.

Wall Matress

Prevents children from being hurt from leaning or stumbling on a wall.
Types: rectangular (30cm x 30cm), hexagonal (30cm x 30cm), fence-type (20cm x 60cm)
Color: ivory, red, blue, tallow, light-purple, black, green, light-green, skin-blue, pick, violet, white

Preventer from stair-slipping

Installed on a stair to prevent accidents from slipping or falling down on the stair.
Various types of products are available for lower- price products to glow-in-the-dark type.

Glass doorknob

Installed on a glass window or balcony door that does not contain doorknobs.
Prevents finger or fingernail being hurt while opening a heavy glass door.

Preventer from electric-shock

Attached to the socket in order to prevent children from danger of electric-shock that may be caused be sticking in a piece chopstick for example.